Ever since my school days I’ve always taken a camera with me when I was on my travels. The first one was an old Kodak camera, by manually having to set aperture, time and distance, I gained essential knowledge about photography, which I’m still thankful for today At the age of 16 I bought my first SLR camera (Konica). Later, various Minolta models followed before I switched to Nikon.


I am fascinated by nature photography, which is why I prefer to travel to remote areas with a "touch" of adventure: be it in a four-wheeler and a tent on the roof to southern Africa or northern Australia, trekking in Nepal, trips to China, Tibet and Ladakh or a cruise to Antarctica.


Of course it is my goal to return back home with great photos from distant countries. But that is only part of the fascination of such trips. The real magic happens when you are out on the street meeting locals, admire the local culture or watch the grace and beauty of the animal world.


The nightly silence in the desert of Botswana, the crackling of the campfire, the sounds and the smells of wilderness, the cold in a sleeping bag in a hut in Nepal or Tibet, you cannot capture these feelings with a camera, you can only take them home in your memory and in your heart.