In summer 2016, we went once more to the U.S. Our trip started off in Denver, Colorado, where we rented a large Chevrolet Suburban, a roof box, and our camping gear. Well equipped and excited for new adventures we drove for several hours until we finally arrived at Custer State Park, which we explored on foot and on horseback. Furthermore, we visited two caves that are located in this beautiful park: Wind Cave and Jewel Cave. The next stop on our journey was Mount Rushmore National Monument in the Black Hills. From there we drove all the way across the flat plains to the Badlands National Park, where we witnessed a spectacular thunderstorm, stunning sunsets, and the scenic landscape of South Dakota. After two hot days in the Badlands we continued our journey westwards to the Devils Tower and the Bighorn National Forest, and finally reached Cody, home of one of the most famous men of the Wild West, Buffalo Bill. In Cody, we visited a rodeo and got a taste of the Wild West. After a short visit to Columbus, Montana, we spent four days in the Yellowstone National Park, where we admired the numerous geysers, pools and hot springs this extraordinary park has to offer. On the fifth day, we made our way to the Grand Teton National Park. Although we only stayed there a single day, we enjoyed it very much. The last stop of our journey was the Rocky Mountain National Park. We went on several hikes and explored the beautiful mountainous landscape that's so different from anything else we have seen on our trip.

Yellowstone National Park

Badlands National Park

Grand Teton National Park



Wind Cave - Jewel Cave

Rodeo in Cody